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San Marino, following a legend, was founded by 'namesake saint who was experienced in working stone He was original Dalmatian from which he moved to found on Mount Titano a Christian community that was persecuted by' Emperor Diocletian.

The splendor of the period there was a small republic in the Middle Ages as a witness to a castle and a church Cenobio attesting the existence of an organized community.

For the duration of the common community of San Marino decided to be a form of government and so we formed the first joint and then to the Republic of San Marino, the government was formed of 2 consuls or Captains Regent who sit in rotation to each power 6 months since 1243.

In the history of the Republic of San Marino are significant battles with the Bishops of Montefeltro demanding the payment of taxes in the community who refused declaration defending the legendary leaf springs at the side of the Montefeltro of supporters of the Urbino Ghibelline Party.

The territory of San Marino in the Middle Ages was a shelter of Mount Titano until 1463, having taken part in alliance against Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini, were agglomerated, as a gift from Pope, the castles of Fiorentino, and Montegiardino and Serravalle at least for dedication to Faetano. The territory of the small republic was besieged for a few months in 1503 by Cesare Borgia said Valentino and in 1739 by Cardinal Giulio Alberoni.

In 1797 Napoleon offered to extend the territory as a gift and friendship but the San Marino refused, Lincoln in 1861 also cited San Marino writing masters regents "... While your domain is small, nevertheless, your state is one of the most honored of all history ...".

San Marino has always been a land of freedom and asylum and assistance to those being persecuted by the evil and tyranny. Even Giuseppe Garibaldi in 1849 found salvation and his comrades in San Marino. During the last World war 100,000 people took refuge in the' old republic that continues to be independent, democratic and neutral.

Flag and emblem

The flag of San Marino is white and blue with the emblem in the center of the Republic. The emblem consists of a shield in which depicts three mountains and three towers piumate down with both arms tied with a ribbon bearing the inscription "libertas" and a crown on top symbol of sovereignty.

The main attractions

The historic center of the city of San Marino was "a medieval citadel preserved over the centuries a wonder of posterity."

three wonderful fortifications stand on the edge of Mount Titano, connect with walls and trenches below the citadel surrounded by a triple ring of walls, mixed in different ports, and many towers and bastions.

Inside the walls the streets, squares, palaces, churches, medieval houses all stone retain almost all the appearance and suggestive of a time.

After the three forts, the subject of ever visiting tourists (especially the second, which is also home of the Museum of Ancient Arms) include the main places to visit:

Palace of Government,


Church of San Francesco with adjoining gallery-museum

Church of St. Quirinus or Cappuccini,

Craft Show Sammarinese.

Of note also several private museums:

Maranello Rosso Collection,

Museum of Modern Weapons,

Museum of Vehicles,

Wax Museum,

Museum of Curiosities,


In the eight rural towns scattered around the mountain include the following locations:

Rocca Malatesta thru;

the modern Church of Borgo Maggiore designed by the Florentine Michelucci;

Postal Museum, Philatelic and Numismatic (Borgo Maggiore);

Church and convent of Valdragone;

Pennarossa of the fort;

churches, ancient ruins and curiosity in all the various castles.

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San Marino is also the capital of shopping, has many shopping centers where you can save something that has seen the 'iva lower than Italian, gasoline costs less and cigarettes, but also clothes and electronics are a good price


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Via Leoncavallo 6
47838- Riccione - Italy
Tel. +39-0541-644075
Fax. +39-0541-641058


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