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Everyone knows the fun of Rimini, the golden beaches of Rimini and Fellini, few know that Rimini is a city full of ancient history.

Rimini is located geographically between the Adriatic Sea and the hill next to the Apennines, was already inhabited in the Paleolithic period. The foundation by the Romans in 268 BC was the name Ariminum.

In 500 AD was part of the Byzantine Maritime Pentapolis then fell into the hands Longobard. From 600 AD lands belonged to the state of the Church. In The municipal age ten hundred years after it was built the walls in mid-1100 AD. In 1157 was recognized as an independent town by Federico Barbarossa and the Pope. The end of the year 1200 AD was important for 'advent of the family home Guelfa Malatesta of Rimini that transformed from a common to Signoria. In 1400 AD, the Lordship of Malatesta reached its apex with Sigismondo great patron, leader and a prince who gave to start construction of the castle and the Temple Malatesta. Fall of the Signoria Malatesta returned to the realm of the church until 1600 AD. 1700 became a source of architectural works and paintings significant dictated by 'enlightenment. In 1796 Napoleon's troops conquered this' area, destroying several buildings and back religious, is this' proclaimed the era of Rimini Joachim Murat who wished to liberate the area from Austrian domination. On 12 March 1860 Rimini was annexed to the Kingdom 's Italy with a plebiscite. Over the years of 1800, one discovers the potential of Rimini Tourist taking picture as the Kursaal until arriving in early'900 construction of the Grand Hotel, the starting point for the future of tourism 'entire Romagna Riviera that the post-war expands at Mach 's oil creating activities based on tourism.

Now Rimini tourism resort is dedicated to various other types of tourism including theme parks and world fairs and congresses of placing himself in competition with Bologna trying to transform the tourism season in a year.

What can be found in Rimini?


(1) The 'Arc D' Augusto ": Built in 27 BC to honor Augustus Octavian as passage of the Via Flaminia in the Middle Ages was hemmed with battlements.

(2) The "Ponte di Tiberio" stone d 'Istria which marks the' beginning of the road that leads to Emilia Bologna

(3) The "Malatesta Temple" of a 1447 restructuring plan of a 'ancient church by Leon Battista Alberti, never completed due to lack of funds. 'S has kept a fresco by Piero della Francesca and a crucifix by Giotto of 1300.

(4) The "Castel Sismondo" palace and fortress which now also hosts many musical events.

(5) The "Church of San Giuliano" with his great altarpiece by Paolo Veronese and a polyptych of Bittino from Faenza

(6) The Gate Gervasoni and the Walls Malatestiana

(7) The Church of the Madonna della Scala in 1600 which keeps a painting of the Madonna made by Alessandro Codrini.

(8) The Medieval Walls of 1200

(9) L 'Arc Gothic Francesca

(10) The Palace Briolini

(11) The Church of Santa Maria ad Nives

(12) The Church of the Servants of origin fourteenth century

(13) Garampi Palace which is the seat of the Municipality,

(14) Palaces of Arengo and Podestà Building embattled Roman Gothic

(15) The Monument to Paul V

(16) Old and Pescheria Fontana

(17) Theater Amintore Galli

(18) Campanile di Santa Colomba

(19) Gambalunga Palace

(20) The Museum of the City with pictures of archaeological and artistic cities, particularly rich in Roman mosaics, sculptures and Renaissance and Baroque paintings.

(21) Canevone of ancient Venetian goods store owned by the hospital's Venetian Madonna della Misericordia.

(22) Oratory of Crocina

(23) Port Montanara

(24) Ripa Palace

(25) Tingoli Palace

(26) Giovannini Palace

(27) Clock Tower

(28) Church of Paolotti

(29) Temple of St.

(30) Column of Julius Caesar

(31) Portici square Three Martyrs

(32) Church of St. Augustine

(33) Church of San Gaudenz

(34) Church of San Bernardino

(35) Buonadrata Palace

(36) Church of Santa Croce

(37) Church of San Giovanni Battista

(38) ìGhetti Palace

(39) Church of Santa Rita or SS. Bartholomew and Marino

(40) Roman amphitheater built in the second century AD immediately outside the walls of the Roman city.

(41) The house of the surgeon Import discovery of a Roman domus with ancient instruments surgeon


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Via Leoncavallo 6
47838- Riccione - Italy
Tel. +39-0541-644075
Fax. +39-0541-641058


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