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Montefeltro Area

Montefeltro Area is characterized by wonderful artistic places of many Italian historical periods: There are many  mediaeval castles, ruins of Romani period, Byzantine art in a wonderful mediterranean place.


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Center of coast travel that, besides the sea and various amusements,  affords too precious Monuments like: Augustus Arch and Tempio Malatestiano of Leon Battista Alberti.

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Republik of

San Marino

Old Republic situated on the Titano-Mount where there are 3 towers simbol of the Republic. To visit:  San Francescos church with the adiacent Museum, the State Museum, Liberty place ,Governement palace, the fortresses, and others museums, like: of old arms , of Ferrari cars, of Aviations and Epoch cars.

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San Leo 

It is themain ending post of the itineraries of montefeltro area. It is characterized by the visit of the Fortress of Cagliostro and the 2 wonder churches: The parish church and the cathedral.

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It is situated near a big Fortress of 1300 period, Montefiore have inside roll on of the time of copper artisian.


Historical center with many artistical expressions. To visit:  The Ducal Palace, The National Gallery of Marche, the Duomo and the Diocesan Museums.

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Town known all over the world for the byzantin monuments, it is the italian capital of the mosaic works. To visit: Mausoleo of Galla Placidia, San Vitales church, S. Apollinare in Classe, the Dante Alighieri's tomb and many others.

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This is a mediaeval town walled round by walls which get up to a fortress of 1200 period. Famose is the love story of Francesca from Rimini that is inside of the castle.


it is a Roman town build on the Flaminia Road, wery interesting the Ducale Palace, the Costanza Rock and S. Agostino. There are many storic museums like Picture-gallery and Archeological Museum Oliveriano.

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The cradle of the malatesta Family that they built afortress which was restored in 1449. In the near is Villa Verucchio Town. In front of the Franciscan monastery there is an old cypress placed from San Francesco.


It is a Characteristic town whitchgot up around the castle. to visit: the church with wonder pictures of 1700 period.

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It was one of the most old forteresses of the  dukedom of Urbino.with old wall round behind it there are the Public Gardens, testimonial of old Fortress stucture.


Situated between the valley of Conca river and thet of Tavollo river. it is composited of the mediaeval castle. Oher place to visit is the Santuario of Grazie.

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Via Leoncavallo 6
47838- Riccione - Italy
Tel. +39-0541-644075
Fax. +39-0541-641058


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