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47838- Riccione - Italy
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hotel with services for cycloturist - wonerfull distances for cycling and mountain bike in emilia romagna


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19 March 3° Deep “City of Riccione” cyclistic Contest

20-22 March Stages of the international week cyclistic “Coppi & Bartali”



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Montefeltro Area



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For the cyclist friends the Rigobello Hotel is endowed, of a garage insured for bicycles with every type of tool for every requirement, has conventions with arena,  doctor, in order to allow, beyond passing one sweet vacation you, of being able to maintain to you in perfect physical shape. One our characteristic is the kitchen based on the quality of the raw materials worked with traditional prescriptions handed on from two generations that can to have varied the most various requirements second.

welcome to,

Rigobello family

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One of ours itinerary:

Riccione - Morciano - Tavoleto - Urbino - Colbordolo - Montecchio - Babbucce - Cattabrighe - Gabicce Monte - Riccione

KM 103 - Our 4.45

Let's start on the beach of Riccione in Morciano direction with a little ascension let's continue for Montefiore, you can look here the wonder mediaeval rock. Let's climb hard on these hills besets of olive trees, from where you can see the sea.

When you arrive in San Felice, you continue to Tavoleto, with a little slope: on the right, far, you can see Titano mount, and in front there is Tavoleto.

After a bit let's go on the town, characterized from its castle; then you meet steeps series of tide curves, that conduct to the placed below provincial road 3 here you turn to the left in the direction of Urbino, a wonder Mediaeval town where you can go and see many Museums with unique artistic works.

You can look wonder panorama and you arrive to Gabicce Monte on the San Bartolo Road.

That road is with many drop latches, among various tilled ground. Very near there is Gradara town, and then Cattolica that leads you' ll to Riccione for a repose merit in our hotels.


Next stage of the Italy turn, special ciclistica contest granfondo novecolli cesenatico the native land of pirata marshes fun club

splendid zones for contests of mountin bike and mountain bike and mountainbike and also mountain-bike